5 Reasons To Choose Accounting & Finance

laptop computer on glass-top table

Do you have a head for numbers? A flair for keeping track of your finances? Does the sight of a neatly balanced budget bring a warm, fuzzy feeling to your heart? If your answer to all those questions is “YES!”, then studying Accounting and Finance would be the best way to achieve your dream career!

Career prospects in this particular field have improved in light of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with technological developments coming together to improve the growth of efficiency in the field.


If you’re still not convinced, take a look at these reasons why you should seriously consider studying accounting and finance.

Compatible with other fields of education

A degree in accounting and finance is compatible with a wide range of additional degree subjects, such as law, or business. This compatibility makes it possible for you to pursue a joint honours degree, which can add to your skill set, knowledge, and improve your employability prospects.

Gain transferable skills

Accounting and finance graduates possess a wide range of practical skills including problem-solving and analytical skills. In fact, they have the flexibility to choose which industry or sector they would prefer to work in, due to their specialised skill set.

Opportunity to work abroad

Earning an accounting and finance degree with an international standing gives you the opportunity to work abroad or even locally in multinational organisations. Your options for work are endless!

Stable and flourishing job field

Given the need to comply with relevant legislations and business operative procedures, accountants and financial professionals are major assets in most organisations. Globalisation, a developing economy and an intricate tax and regulatory environment also contributes to a steady demand for accountants.


Entrepreneurial potential

Given the consistent need for accountants and financial consultants, you could also open up your own firm, and be your own boss! The knowledge and practical skills gained during your studies coupled with work experience sets you up for leadership opportunities and even heading a company in the future.

Why wait? Start exploring your options for a degree in accounting and finance!