A Roaring Welcome To The Year Of The Tiger

white and blue labeled box

What do you think heralds luck? The vivid colours, the clash of cymbals, the glaring eyes, the…fluffy tail? Well- we may be able to give you an idea…as the lions have returned!

After 2 years of socially distanced celebrations online, BAC Education had the fun of welcoming a pair of furry friends to join in the festivities- hosting a Lion Dance event on the 10th of February!

After a slight technical delay (thanks traffic), the festivities kicked off at PJ Campus at 1.30 p.m, with the lions dancing their way to KL Campus after at 4.00p.m.

An eager (and masked!) crowd of students and staff alike eagerly awaited the arrival of the bearers of luck at both campuses. After a short interval to set up, the dancers began their performance to usher in a year full of ‘ong’ and the lions made their rounds among the staff and students to say hello.

The pounding beat of the drums and cymbals, and the adorable antics of the lion dancers brought plenty of smiles to all- a heart-warming reminder of shared joy and laughter, much-needed during the festive season.

May the year of the tiger provide us with the tenacity and strength needed to overcome all obstacles. XIN NIAN KUAI LE!