A Tradition of Excellence

Reliance College is well known as the pioneer of hospitality and tourism education in Malaysia and has been lauded for its excellence in the field, having produced thousands of graduates.

In recognition of this, Reliance has received numerous industry awards in recognition of our reputation for being the best specialist education provider in the area of Hospitality and Tourism. These awards include:

  • Malaysia Technology Award for Online Services (Education) in 2021
  • BrandLaureate Best Brand in Education (Hospitality & Tourism) in 2021

“I feel excited and honored to be receiving the award on behalf of the Reliance College team and BAC family,” said Nigel Gan, CEO of Reliance College. “The Reliance College team is very grateful that their hardwork and dedication is recognised through this prestigious award.”

Sharing Reliance College’s hopes and aspirations, Gan said, “Our hope and aspiration is to be a far better version of what we presently are; this would mean a stronger academic team with a better more-in-tune to industry relatable curriculum.” He also adds, “Along the way, we also seek to constantly improve student services with the BAC family; this entails employment of technologies to smoothen and enhance our students’ college experience.”

All these awards recognise our vision to transform lives through education, future-proofing our students with lifelong learning, as well as enriching educational accomplishments with cultural and social intelligence thus developing employable skills for a 21st-century ready workforce. They are a testament of our continuous commitment towards excellence in teaching and learning, providing innovative educational solutions and dedication to transforming a wide pool of talented and highly qualified individuals.

These awards have great impact on our graduates as they carry an assurance of holistic, quality education that employers honour with respect and recognition as a unique ‘brand’ too. In short, it accords a degree of differentiation to let our students soar higher throughout their career journey.