Awesome Careers With A Psychology Degree

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In a nutshell, psychology is the study of the human mind and behaviour. If you are curious about how the human mind works and why humans act in a certain way, then pursuing a degree in psychology is a perfect choice for you!

But, what are the career options available to you upon graduation? The common career path would be to gain a PhD in the field and become a psychologist. If you prefer not to do that, there are still many other careers to pursue.

Here are some awesome careers worth considering.

1. Career Counselor

Your goal as a career counselor is to help students and job seekers to explore their potential for a fulfilling career. As a career counselor, you will interact with a diverse group of people and assist them in conducting self-assessments, find suitable careers and provide valuable insights for those making a career move. Psychology graduates are suited for this career as they have sound knowledge of behavioural studies which is vital to the career discovery process.

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2. Forensic Psychologist

Many crime-based dramas on TV and Hollywood in general, tend to cast a spotlight on this fascinating career. As a forensic psychologist, you would be exposed to the workings of the legal system as well as the psychological aspects of crime. Many forensic psychologists are often summoned to court as an expert witness in criminal trials, civil lawsuits and even insurance disputes.

3. Child Developmental Specialist

As a child developmental specialist, your goal is to assess a child’s developmental needs, deficiencies and design therapy plans for each child’s needs. Other duties include counselling for parents and setting up support groups for parents and caregivers. Such specialists begin with a degree in psychology and later specialise in child-related studies such as early childhood education or developmental psychology.

4. Community Service Manager

Social work and community service is an area of interest for many psychology graduates. Such professionals can find career opportunities in social services sectors such as non-governmental organisations and government agencies. As a community service or social service manager, you would be involved in developing programmes to benefit a particular segment of society which necessarily includes liaising with relevant stakeholders. Other duties include community support, counselling and case management services.

5. Sports Psychologist

As a sports psychologist, you are basically an emotional coach for athletes. Basically, your focus is the psychological aspects of athletes instead of the physical side. You will assist athletes to cope with stress and overcome performance anxiety. Other duties include counselling athletes in dealing with the emotional struggles of suffering injuries and even a lack of motivation.

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