Making The Right Course & Career Decision

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Indecisiveness is a common occurrence in many stages of life. As kids, many of us may recall facing a fashion dilemma in deciding whether to choose a bright pink top or a purple top, or whether jeans or shorts were our best bet. As we progress in life, we are inevitably faced with more crucial life-changing decisions such as what course to study and the type of job to pursue.

Yes, we can always resort to the conventional method of making a list of pros and cons, etc. However, adopting these 3 simple steps make things less stressful.

1. What do I want to be?

The first step in the career decision-making process is to ask yourself this pertinent question – “What do I want to be?”

Getting to know yourself in terms of your interests, life goals and skills helps in ascertaining what course or job to pursue in the long-run.

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2. Explore your options

Having gained more knowledge about yourself, you are now ready to move on to the next step of discovering suitable educational and career options.

Start reseraching fields/ areas you're interested in working in- find out the qualifications you'll need and how you can go about getting them.

3. Contemplating your decision-making process

Equipped with more knowledge about yourself and suitable educational and career options, you can now spend time on making the right decision. Study factors such as relevance, affordability, passion and availability. Compare and contrast your options and be sure to analyse them carefully before making a choice.

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