The BAC Professional Law Faculty Initiative

BAC’s Professional Law Faculty initiative provides an extraordinary opportunity for students to learn from, and interact with eminent lawyers, and to gain new perspectives on important legal issues. Along with our Global Law Faculty, the Professional Law Faculty represent the heart of studying law at BAC as they bring valuable industry insights and perspectives – integrating these values into the entire law school experience.  

We attribute the success of our graduates to this unique educational model, and our degrees are underpinned by an innovative legal skills program which require students to put theory into practice – a quality widely commended by employers. Run by Asia Law Academy, the Legal Skills Programme starts from Year 1 and runs alongside the academic law program right through the CLP (Certificate in Legal Practice) year. The objectives of this programme are as follows:  

  • To bridge the gap between academic studies and the practice of law, and where necessary to re-examine and retool students’ skill sets  
  • To equip students with the knowledge, skills and to abilities to work in today’s legal eco-system  
  • To adapt to changes in the practice of law to meet client demands and cope with the advancements on technology 
  • Lay the foundations for collaborative practice where lawyers are now expected to work  

The carefully curated programmes enable our students to better hone their skills and update their legal knowledge throughout their time at BAC. It also equips students with future-ready skills to transit smoothly to their careers of choice after graduation.  

Asia Law Academy organises and runs several events throughout the academic year, including The ALA (Asia Law Academy) Practical Legal Skills Programme for Year 1 & Year 2 law students, Masterclass Series for CLP Students, Revision CLP Workshops by Practitioners, Advocacy Prep Course, Professional Plus Certificate Courses, Law Career fairs as well as Industry-specific Webinar Panel Discussions. The Academy also manages the BAC Apprentice Programme, an intensive 3-month apprenticeship program where selected apprentices work on a series of projects and undertake a legal apprenticeship to further improve employability. 

To sum this, BAC’s Professional Law Faculty Initiative is a platform for students to Learn from leading lawyers who specialise in diverse fields of law and are at the forefront of legal practice. 


Dipendra Harshad (Partner, Koh Dipendra Jeremiah)  

  • Masterclass on Legal Drafting Skills  

Aneera Joshini Chowdhury (Proprietor, A.J Chowdhury) 

  • Masterclass on Opinion Writing  
  • Introduction to Opinion Writing 
  • Young Lawyers Bootcamp  

M.Shanmugam (Partner, Lee Hishamuddin Allen & Gledhill) 

  • Masterclass on Civil Practice  

Dato’ C. Vignesh Kumar (Partner, Vignesh Kumar & Associates) 

  • Masterclass on Criminal Practice  

Nadesh Ganabaskaran (Partner, Malek PaulLian & Gan) 

  • Masterclass on Alternative Dispute Resolution 
  • Certificate in Construction Law & Practice  

Richard Wee (Managing Partner, Richard Wee Chambers) 

  • Masterclass on Advance Communication Skills  
  • Certificate in Sports Law & Practice  

Louis Ambrose (Founding Partner, Louis Ambrose Chambers) 

  • Masterclass on Client Interviewing & Conference Skills  

Cassandra Thomazios (Partner, MahWengKwai & Associates) 

  • Introduction to Legal Research Skills – ALA  
  • Introduction to Legal Reasoning & Analytical skills  
  • Young Lawyers Bootcamp  

Jeremiah Gurusamy (Partner, Koh Dipendra Jeremiah) 

  • Fundamentals of Conveyancing Law & Practice  

Karen Dawson  

  • Certificate in Commercial Contracts & Practice  

Ramakrishna Damodharan (Managing Director, Adipven (M) Sdn.Bhd) 

  • Do you want to be a Malaysian Patent Agent?  

Sivaraj Retinasekharan (Partner, Sivaraj Retinasekharan Advocates & Solicitors) 

  • Introduction to Malaysian Criminal Law  

Philip Teoh (Partner, Azmi & Associates) 

  • Certificate in Shipping law & Practice  

Primila Edwards (Principal Legal Counsel, Straits Consulting Group) 

  • Certificate in Oil & Gas 
  • Certificate in Shipping Law & Practice  

Thavakumar Kandiahpillai (Legal Consultant, Digital National Berhad)  

  • Certificate in Oil & Gas 

Parames G. Supramaniam (Partner, Tay Tee & Nasir)  

  • Introduction to Malaysian Land Law  
  • Civil Litigation Practice Module 

Sharada Rudralingam (Senior Legal Counsel, Carigali Hess Operating Company Sdn Bhd)  

  • Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Law & Practice  

Ambiga Sachithananthan 

  • Fundamentals of Medical Law & Practice  

Azad Akhbar Khan  

  • Young Lawyers Bootcamp  

Ophelia Ann Fredericks (Legal Counsel & Compliance Officer, BAC Education Group)  

  • Certificate in Employment Law & Practice  

Shirley Hor (Partner, Raja, Darryl & Loh)  

  • Professional Diploma in International Arbitration 

Kevin Prakash (Partner, Mohanadass Partnership)  

  • Professional Diploma in International Arbitration   

Gurbinder Singh Gill (Manjit Singh Sachdev, Mohammad Radzi & Partners)  

  • Advocacy Prep Course  
  • Lawyers’ Skills  
  • Right to be Heard Series  

Bahari Yeoh Tien Hong (Partner, Gan Partnership)  

  • Certificate in Intellectual Property Law & Practice 

Collin Andrew (Founder, Collin’s Law Chambers)  

  • Criminal Law Practice Module