What’s The Fuss About Psychometric Assessments?


Never underestimate the importance of personality…

We love labels in our society. It is so much easier to identify whom we belong with, where we belong, and why, when we all have tidy labels in our names. Whether it’s the fun of checking out “What’s Your Name’s Hidden Meaning?” Quiz, via Facebook, the vagueness of our horoscope, or even the slightly more credible Psychometric Assessment and its subsequent results, continue to be popular.

For school leavers, finding the right course involves more than just sourcing someone with the right skills and experience. A demonstration of their verbal ability via multiple choice questions, as well as their personality and how that will fit, is a big part of the decision-making process in finding the perfect career path.

One way of figuring out such important life-changing decisions is a psychometric assessment. What exactly is a psychometric test? How can one best prepare for it and how can it help us succeed?

To make it easier, here are some important things you need to know about psychometric assessments.

What is a psychometric assessment?

A psychometric test objectively test subjects, not based on their background or prior experience (if any), but by measuring their personality and general intelligence.

Similar to competency-based interviews, there aren’t right or wrong answers. The test basically requires you to answer to the best of your abilities.

Why use a psychometric assessment?

Whether it is to evaluate how you will excel in your course of choice or to ensure that you will be a good fit for the said career path that you have set out to achieve, personality often plays a huge part in the process.

It provides a tool in assessing personality by asking how you would behave in certain scenarios. It also allows you to assess yourself and how you could perform by using a completely level playing field.

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Here are some tips just for you before you set out to try Careeradvisor.asia’s free psychometric assessment:

BE YOURSELF – There is no right or wrong answers, and what might be a desirable response for one may not be for another. The best you can do is answer honestly, and do your best.

DO NOT BE NEUTRAL – Part of answering honestly is not being afraid to say something wrong. Many of us choose to play it safe with certain questions, and end up not helping their personalities stand out.

NEVER PREDICT – Leave that to the astrologer. Stay focused on your own answers and motivations throughout, and do not be tempted to say what you think they want you to hear.

CALM DOWN – The test is designed to provide options to help you carve your career path and own your future, more importantly build a profile of your personality.

Although psychometric assessments are meant to help discover the real you, they do not work in isolation. Make sure you are prepared to ask your counsellor any questions which may be on your mind.

Last but not least, relax! Psychometric assessments needn’t be anything to worry about.